What We Do

CLEDS-B Consult is responsible for some of the biggest foreign direct investments ongoing in Ghana. We advise individuals, corporations and trustees on investment opportunities in Ghana, and guide the process right to implementation. We also conceptualize and develop several innovative social solutions for state institutions in Ghana.


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  • Why hire a professional consultant?

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Founded: 2013
Funding: Private
Ownership: 100% Ghanaian

Key Management Persons

Clemence Gyato
Clemence is a sage on entrepreneurial activity in Ghana. Clemence is a Chinese trained business development specialist and has several flourishing businesses in Ghana, China and the United States.

Amongst others, Clemence is responsible for the biggest business development enclave in South Saharan Africa- a project worth five hundred million dollars. Clemence is a polyglot, and has the uncommon ability to surmount impossibilities.

Dr. Fred MacPalm
Fred is a United States trained medical officer. Fred's meticulousness and professionalism is partly responsible for the ease with which business headaches are diagnosed and solutions proffered.

Aside medicine, Fred has tremendous insight into local investment opportunities, and melts inhibitions that stop their exploitation. Fred's role is to guide clients through the maze of difficulties associated with doing business in a developing country.