Why a professional consultant?

Many people ask, “Why hire a professional consultant?”

This is a valid question. Consultants are often viewed quite negatively, and often with good reason. We believe this to be true because:

  • The cost of entry is low; many unqualified people enter the field.
  • Many people, upon becoming unemployed, immediately procure a business card that says “consultant”– this does not help the profession.
  • Clients think of retaining a consultant’s services as hiring labor against some time basis.
  • Clients are fearful that their confidential information will be “leaked” through the consultant.
  • The consultant keeps “banker’s hours.”

In contrast, a professional consultant:

  • Has made the necessary investment in modern analytical tools and data warehousing systems to do professional work.
  • Has made a career of consulting and is not merely “between jobs.”
  • Works for a firm fee, from a carefully prepared proposal, which clearly delineates the project’s objectives, scope, methodology and schedule.
  • Subscribes to a published code of ethics and has a prepared, standard confidentiality agreement which is treated as if in force, whether or not it has been specifically signed for a given project.
  • Is available when the client needs him — 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, via toll free telephone, facsimile, and internet e-mail.

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